Manifest your Desires - Wayne Dyer's 5 Step Approach
October 31, 2011
Jackie Roberge

I recently attended the Wayne Dyer event in Montreal and I’d like to share with you his approach in terms of manifesting what we want in our lives.  This approach has worked wonders for me!  Here are the 5 steps Dr. Dyer suggests:

1.     Imagine what you want to have or be or how you want to feel.  Use all your senses and really put yourself there in your mind’s eye.

2.     Live from the end, as if you already had what you want in your life.  Act in ways you would act if you already had it in your life.

3.     Assume the feeling of the wish or desire fulfilled.  Let yourself really feel the joy, the excitement or the confidence of manifesting your desire. Feel it often, keep reminding yourself to bring these feelings into your energy field.

4.     Pay attention to the signs from the universe.  Trust that you are already connected to that which you desire and pay attention to messages from the universe; coincidences, serendipitous events, messages and guidance.

5.     Remind yourself of your own magnificence.  Do this every night for the last 5 minutes before you fall asleep.  Make your own affirmations; I am…. healthy, I am strong, pure love etc.. Let your subconscious work on these positive messages as you sleep.

I have used these steps in the past to give me more energy; next time I’ll share my story!  In the meantime - what do you want to attract in your life?  Whatever it is, large or small, I invite you to imagine it, live it, feel it, trust and affirm it!

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