Live Fearlessly - Anita Moorjani's Recovery from Stage 4 Lymphoma
December 9, 2011
Jackie Roberge

I recently interviewed Anita Moorjani and she shared this message from her father: "Go back and live your life fearlessley". This message helped her decide to come back into her body after a near-death experience. Just prior to this experience, she had gone into a coma and her organs were shutting down due to her stage 4 lymphoma that had spread throughout her body.  In the video, she talks about the importance of living authentically, being our true self.  She feels that she got her cancer because of her fears and her loss of identity.  Before her cancer she was living her life to please others. Her advice is to start by loving ourselves unconditionally.  She stresses the importance of following our emotions and doing what makes us feel good - not what makes us be liked by others. Her final message in the interview is: "Be yourself - who you are is absolutely magnificance!"

Her book Dying to be Me is coming out in March, the foreword was written by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Please use this link to listen to the video interview:

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