The Accident that may have Saved my Life
October 1, 2012
Jackie Roberge

In August I was riding my bike on a busy street in Montreal.  As I was riding along I saw ahead of me a large metal sheet, the kind that cover big holes in the road.  The right side of the sheet crossed a bit into the area where I was riding. I decided to try to ride to the right of the sheet but about half way past it I caught my front tire on the edge, which was about 2 inches thick, and I started to skid out.  My left foot hit the road and for a few seconds I pushed my heel down slowing me enough to regain my balance and not wipe out completely.  I came to a halt, my heart racing and my entire left side jarred from the impact of the skid.  As I looked ahead, about two yards in front of me a lady opened her car door.  The door opened approximately where I would have been riding had I not hit the metal sheet

Needless to say I thanked my guardian angel, God or whoever may have protected me in this precarious situation.  I really did feel that my accident was divine intervention that prevented a bigger, more serious collision.  I felt very grateful and blessed.

My yoga guru Dr. Bali always talks about us being guided and protected every day of our lives.  I used to believe we were guided but I was not so sure about the protected part.  It felt a bit negative – why would we need protection?  And how do events and circumstances that seem so bad or negative, such as serious accidents and illnesses, service to guide or protect us?  

Over the past few months I have adopted a new belief that has helped me understand how we are guided and protected in ways that we do not have the ability to comprehend in the moment.  Adopting this belief can give you the strength and faith needed to look for the blessing or the gift that comes with adversity.  

Next time I will share this powerful belief with you and ask for your comments in terms of how it may or may not apply to your life.

Until next time, be and love your true self and know that you are guided and protected on your journey.


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