One Powerful, Game-Changing Belief
October 15, 2012
Jackie Roberge

Last week I referred to a new belief I adopted that has helped me realize that we are constantly being guided and protected in ways that we can't understand from our limited frame of reference. The new empowering belief is that your soul and the Universe (or God, Buddha, Mohamed, Source) are always working together, behind the scenes, to bring you what you need to live a more purposeful, abundant, joyful and fulfilling life

Here is a quote from one of my favorite author's Eckhart Tolle that supports this belief: One thing we do know: life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.  Adopting this belief has helped me suspend judgment of situations, that at first appear to be negative or limiting, and shift more quickly to a place of acceptance.  The challenge that we all face is that we often cannot see the higher level plan so there is a big element of faith involved.  I believe that having strong faith not only gives us more peace of mind but from that place of greater peace and acceptance you will find that insights, answers and guidance come naturally and gradually you will feel like you are living in state of greater flow and synchronicity. This state comes from your alignment with the higher order of things.

An acquaintance of mine Joyce O'Brien was diagnosed with breast cancer (for a second time) over 10 years ago.  She was told that it was stage 4 and could not be treated.  At the time she had a young daughter and her husband was also diagnosed with cancer.  This seemingly devastating situation guided Joyce to many people and healing modalities that she would never have experienced had she not been challenged to this degree.  In the end, they both healed and she went on to write a powerful book called Choose to Live. She is now a virtual health consultant and shares what her healing journey taught her so that others can experience greater health and fulfillment.  In her book, she says they both feel blessed by their cancer experiences and the path it led them down.

My vision is that by adopting this one powerful belief, you can face anything that comes into your life with acceptance, curiosity and even the expectation that you will be guided towards something or someone that is purposeful for you. I think Wayne Dyer calls this enlightened living - the idea that you can have an inner knowing, in the midst of a challenge, that it is purposeful and not just in retrospect.

Next week I will talk about specific steps that you can take to practice adopting this belief.  For now, just be with it and share your comments on my Facebook page if you feel so inspired!

Until next time, be and love your true self and know that you are being guided - sometimes to, and always through adversity.


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