Opening up to Guidance
October 23, 2012
Jackie Roberge

Last week I talked about steps to help you move towards more enlightened living. Today I want to embellish on the steps, add a supporting belief about guidance and once again, invite you to use the steps when you face your next challenging situation.

1) Identify and name the struggle. Go as deep as you can, ask yourself; is this really the struggle or issue or is there something else underneath?  If you don’t feel some emotion around naming the struggle you likely haven’t pin pointed it. Ask yourself; what am I really afraid of regarding the situation?

2) Accept the struggle completely, without judgment – keeping in mind that it may turn out to be a blessing. This does not mean you give up and not try to change things, it simply means that any resistance to the present situation (to what is) is relinquished. Resistance (by way of anger, worry, fear etc.) tenses up the body and reduces the flow of energy and guidance in your life. 

3) Develop a sense of curiosity and openness to learn. Ask yourself some questions; why is this happening to me now?  Has it happened to me in the past? Is the same lesson being repeated in a different context? What am I meant to learn from this situation? 

4) Expect, and be ready to act on, guidance.  As you let go of all resistance and anger you will shift to a place of greater peace, openness and receptivity. Know that from this place you can attract the help you need to move through the situation and learn what you are meant to learn.

The notion of guidance leads me to a secondary or supporting belief. I believe that for every challenging situation you face, you are also offered guidance in some form. If you can find that place of peace, acceptance and openness from which guidance enters your life then you will be able to receive what you need to meet the challenge.  Look for the guidance through co-incidences, chance meetings, messages that keep repeating themselves, opportunities that appear out of nowhere.

If you have felt guidance through difficult times in your life or have used my 4-step process and feel like sharing your comments please leave a comment below

Until next time, be and love your true and wonderful self!

PS: I had the privilege of interviewing Anita Moorjani again last week. I will soon be sharing some of her amazing guidance and insights with you! If you don’t know her story please read some of my past posts about her recovery from a coma caused by stage 4 cancer. 

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