The Power of Spiritual Practices
November 12, 2012
Jackie Roberge

Spiritual practices have played a big role in my life over the past 17 years. This is why I am so excited to invite you to attend a free informational call about creating and sticking to a Joyful and Transformative Spiritual Practice. 
Here are some of the benefits my practice has given me:

  Here’s what you will get out of Monday’s free call:

You will also learn:

Is this the time for you to either explore or get more serious about your spiritual practice?  Please join myself and my spiritual teaching partner Galen Heistand.  To find out more about the free call and the 4-week course we will be offering please visit this link now.

I look forward to having you join us on this spiritual journey.  Until next time, be and love your true and wonderful self!

In all of us is a hunger, a longing, a deep need for spiritual connection

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