My Holiday Gift to You
December 14, 2012
Jackie Roberge

You likely already know that I am a big fan of meditation.  When I started about 17 years ago it had a profound and wonderful impact on my life, one that has continued to deepen and evolve to this day.  The first thing I noticed when I started a daily meditation practice was a boost in my immune system.  I went from getting back to back, long lasting colds to never being sick. The other immediate benefit was an improvement in my energy level. During my daily meditation sessions I feel like I am recharging my internal battery!  Lastly, I just felt generally more grounded and less stressed.

Being passionate about meditation, a few years ago I decided to launch my own website and help people practice meditation by offering guided meditations.  I discovered that when I taught people meditation one-on-one they found it very easy.  But often when they got home and tried it on their own it was a different story.  So the idea of my guided meditations is that you feel like you have a teacher or guide right there with you, guiding and coaching you through a meditation session.  In short, meditation made easy!

Today I invite you to visit my PeacefulLife website and if you feel moved, choose a meditation that you would like to try - my holiday gift to you.  Then just reply to this e-mail with the name of the meditation you want and I will send you the file via Yousendit (a big file delivery service). 

I hope that the meditations have a similar affect on you and your physiology and that this adds more energy and pleasure to your holidays!  Another time, I will tell you about the longer term, more spiritual benefits of meditation.


PS: If you are looking for a unique gift for someone, how about a Life Purpose Coaching Package.  Only $150 for 3 one-hour phone sessions (valid until Dec. 31st., 2012)

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