Exploring the Root Cause of your Fears – Step 4
May 18, 2012
Jackie Roberge

Ever wonder where your fears come from?  Sometimes they may feel foreign to you and you may think - who is creating these fears?

Step 4 in my 5-Step process for overcoming fears is about talking to the parts of you that hold beliefs and create the fears. By parts I mean those voices in your head that have strong opinions and viewpoints.  Like your Inner Critic or the I want everyone to like me part that holds the belief that if you speak your truth you may get someone mad at you and they won’t like or respect you anymore.  In this example, this part of you creates fears that hold you back so that you won’t experience the pain of having someone dislike or reject you.  This part of you was likely created when you experienced the pain of being rejected in the past so it is very sensitive to those feelings. 
You can see that the part really wants what it thinks is best for you – avoiding the pain of rejection.  However, that part was likely created when you were very young when it was more difficult for you to deal with the emotion of feeling rejected or not loved.   
With my clients and in my Living Fear-Free course, I teach a process of talking to these parts, exploring when and why they were created.  They often hold great insights into why you are the way you are and why you feel like you automatically create fears or strong reactions around certain things without understanding why.  Engaging with your parts really allows you to get to the root cause of your fears and to work with the parts to establish new strategies that are aligned with your current goals and life direction.  By doing this, your parts become your allies in moving forward and living a fear-free life!
Next week I will talk about the final step in the 5-Step Process - setting conditions.

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