Moving Confidently Ahead - Step 5
May 24, 2012
Jackie Roberge

Ignoring or plowing through your fears is not the answer. 

As we saw last week, parts of you hold beliefs that create your fears and unless these beliefs, opinions and concerns are addressed, you are going to continue to experience resistance to overcoming your fears.

Step 5 in my 5-Step process is Setting Conditions.  As part of a dialogue with your resistant part, you will be asking it for conditions to help it feel comfortable so that it can become your ally moving forward.  These conditions should come from the part itself and help to address its specific concerns. 

In the example from last week, if your part is keeping you from speaking your truth because it does not want to feel rejected, your part may suggest conditions like these:

  1. Write down what you want to say in advance so you can stay focused and state your truth clearly.
  2. Practice what you want to say, by yourself or with someone.
  3. Find the right moment to speak your truth, talk to the person when both of you are feeling good, not tired or grumpy.
  4. Look at the possible outcomes in advance; prepare yourself mentally so that you can accept whatever comes with grace and stay grounded in your truth.

Once you have a list of conditions, you would then agree to the conditions or negotiate with the part to make some refinements.  When the conditions are in place you can ask for the part’s help in terms of following up and making sure you respect the conditions.  If you don’t respect them, you can be sure the part is going to become even more resistant in the future! 

Respecting these conditions will help you feel empowered to move out of our comfort zone because you are doing it in a way that is less risky and more strategic.  You want to avoid sabotaging yourself by moving into a state of drastic action that undermines your own parts.  Just like you would not go hand gliding without taking lessons and having a guide, ensuring you have the proper equipment.  Once you have the conditions in place you can move into that place of greater freedom and advance with confidence and grace!

I hope that my 5-steps have helped you understand how to find the root cause of your fears, how to learn from and overcome them and most importantly, how to let your true and most powerful self shine through!


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