Questions for Anita Moorjani
May 24, 2012
Jackie Roberge

Shortly, I will be interviewing Anita Moorjani - who healed from stage 4 lymphoma after her near death experience (NDE).  If you have not read my articles or watched my video interview about this amazing women I invite you to do so (see links below).  She launched her book 'Dying to Be Me' in March and it is already a best-seller, full of thought provoking content! Before I interview her again I would like your ideas in terms of potential questions to ask her.  Here are some that I came up with:

  1. What if we were to turn back time and you were just given your first cancer diagnosis.  Knowing what you know today, what would you do differently?
  2. Now let's move ahead in time, in five years from now if you were to be diagnosed with cancer what would you do?
  3. Fear was a big part of your life before your NDE.  In fact, most of the awareness around cancer is fear-based, including early screening and detecting.  If you were in charge of the International Cancer Institute for researching and finding a cure for cancer what approach to cancer would you recommend?
  4. Some people think a bit of fear is good.  For example, they were scared that their cancer would progress so they accepted to get chemo.  After the treatments were over and there were declared cancer-free they feel that their fear served a purpose, it helped them to withstand the treatments that got them better.

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Thanks and until next time, be and love your true and wonderful self!

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