Freedom from Fears - Step 1
May 9, 2012
Jackie Roberge

For those of you who joined the Living Fear-Free teleseminar, you heard me talk about my 5-step process to help you experience more freedom and gain insights from your fears.  Starting today, I will be sharing a short summary of each step so that you can start to practice them yourself.

Step 1 is to identify the fear.  This may sound pretty basic but I suggest that you write it down in a journal, this will force you to really think about it and name it.  Too often fears can stay vague and this makes them harder to deal with.  This step also includes doing a little digging to make sure you have gotten to the core or the sub-conscious fear.

Here is an example of a journaling exercise.  You may start by writing; ‘my fear is not being well enough to look after my family and myself’.  Then you ask yourself - what if that happened?  You might write down ‘I would be a burden on my family’.  Then again, ask yourself - what if that was true?  ‘I would feel weak and inadequate’.  You can continue with this line of questioning until you reach the core fear.  If you felt weak or inadequate then what would happen?  ‘I would feel guilty and feel like I have let my family down’.  When you feel you have gotten to the end, you would rewrite your fear and it might sound something like this; ‘I am scared of feeling inadequate and letting my family down’.  Your core fear statement is likely going to be more emotionally charged than the one you started with.

This is step one on the road to greater freedom, next time I will talk about step 2 – Accepting your fear.  This means being with the fear and feeling it without judgment.

Until next time, be and love your true and wonderful self!



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