Opening your Senses to reduce stress & enhance enjoyment - Strategy #4 
June 22, 2012
Jackie Roberge

How do we create stress in our lives?  Through thoughts, thoughts about the past or the future. There is no stress when we are fully present in the moment. 

Our bodies live only in the moment, they react only to what is happening right now.  By fully Opening our senses (fun strategy #4), we can not only stay more present but also enhance the enjoyment of the activities we do, even the mundane ones!

Did you really enjoy your shower today? So much of our life is spent on autopilot, including our daily routine. We get up, shower, eat breakfast, read the paper and then off to work or chores.  Being mindful helps us slow things down and appreciate the many little magical moments that make up our daily life.

Opening your senses can make a shower much more pleasurable.  Think about really massaging your scalp, feeling the warm water, smelling the shampoo or soap, listening to the soothing sound of the water (or your singing!).

Cooking and eating are other great examples of ways you can make the most of your day – while preparing food, pay attention to the colours, smells, textures, temperatures, sizzling sounds, the sensation of cutting etc.  Mindful eating not only makes the food more enjoyable but your body can also better absorb the nutrients when it is calm, focused  and enjoying what you are eating.

So how can you bring more mindfulness and pleasure into your day by really opening your senses? Maybe its while gardening, doing the dishes, cooking, eating, enjoying a cup of tea, walking outside or simply being in nature?

I invite you to pick one activity and give it a try for a week so you can experience the magic of present moment awareness and see how it has a beneficial ripple effect across many aspects of your life.

Eckhart Tolle purports: Awareness is the greatest agent of change.

Next week I will be talking about the 5th strategy, one of my favorites: Play or playfulness!

Until then, be present and mindfully love your true and amazing self!


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