Asking for and Accepting Help
September 13, 2012
Jackie Roberge

In continuing to reflect on my 2 hrs. of crying, 10 of walking weekend I had another realization.  I saw a parallel between my friend’s passing and many of the cancer clients that I see.  Many people who are suffering emotionally or physically feel that they are a burden on others, taking up people’s valuable time with their worries, anger, pain, in short, with their struggle. 

The fact is, it is a basic human need to help others, to be of service.  This is how we attain the greatest level of fulfillment in life.  In my coaching practice I often help people find their life purpose – the difference that they are meant to make in the world.  I had one client ask if I thought her life purpose was going to be service oriented.  I said yes without hesitation because everyone’s purpose involves servicing in some way, whether it is dealing directly with people, through the creation of organizations or a form of art or scientific discovery.  All these activities can serve a higher good and bring joy and satisfaction to the giver and receiver.

The thought I would like to leave you with is; if you need help and don’t ask for it, you are likely depriving others of the opportunity to feel greater satisfaction and fulfillment.  Whether it is a helping hand around the house, an ear to listen or a ride to an appointment, friends and family are there for you. Sometimes you will need to specifically ask for what you really need, the help that will make the biggest difference.  To do this, you may have to get over this feeling of being a burden on others.  I suggest you encourage yourself to think that as others give graciously, they receive not only greater levels of fulfillment but they also start to increase the flow of giving and receiving in their life.  You too can increase this flow but you need to be able to ask, receive and be grateful!

Remember to always be & love your true self!


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