Chef Rebecca Talks about the Yummy Factor
January 25, 2013
Jackie Roberge

I just listened to wonderful interview by Barbara Musser as part of the Go Forth and Thrive after Cancer telesummit.  She spoke with Rebbeca Katz, chef and author about her interesting journey into cooking for cancer patients and her philosophy in terms of the importance of colour and full flavour in cooking healthy foods.  She emphasizes that powerful flavours and balanced dishes can actually stimulate the taste buds that may not all be working properly after chemo treatments.

I love her approach in that she does not preach any one particular diet but rather encourages people to experiment with full flavour and colour dishes so that eating kale, swiss chard, quinoa etc. becomes a culinary pleasure and not something that you 'should do' for your body or health.  She even talks about her healthy brownie recipe that I can't wait to try!

So I encourage you to sign up for the free telesummit and then you can go online and choose from the 11 interviews that have already been recorded.  Each speaker is also giving a bonus gift - Rebecca's gift is 10 of her favourite recipes.  You should also visit her colourful and appetizing website.
“I show people how great taste and great nutrition can joyfully coexist at the dinner table.” Rebecca Katz
Know that eating well can taste great and nourish your body, mind and soul!
Until next time, be and love your authentic self!

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