Gratitude can transform your life!
October 28, 2013
Jackie Roberge

I have talked a lot about gratitude over the years.  I am a big believer in its power to transform things and to help you shift your perspective regarding things that are not as you would like them to be.  It is easy to be grateful when things are going well or when we are given gifts.  It is more challenging when you are experiencing difficult times or big challenges.  This is precisely when gratitude can work wonders. In order to understand the power of gratitude I want to share with you a basic spiritual concept that I use in my coaching;  whatever you put your attention on in life expands

When we talk about, pay attention to, or dwell on things we actually energize them.  Our energy follows our thoughts so when we think of something we help it expand or grow. 

So if you feel stuck in a situation, I invite you to look for things in the situation that you feel grateful for.  Even if you are sick or feeling tired there are likely things that are working well in your body.  If you practice gratitude for those things and put your energy behind the notion of your body being strong and healthy, you are likely to feel healthier and stronger - even if it is a slow or gradual process.  Gratitude is an uplifting energy that can be truly magical - that is why Rhonda Byrne entitled her book on gratitude The Magic! 

Starting November 4th there is a free online program called 21 Days of Gratitude. Here is a bit about the program:

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I hope that gratitude will play a uplifting role in your daily lives!
PS Tim Kelley, my True Purpose Coach and Mentor is one of the presenters in the 21-day program - a truly inspirational thought leader and while worth signing up for!
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