Anita Moorjani's ideas for WHO cancer prevention
December 2, 2013
Jackie Roberge

Is there too much emphasis on 'not getting' cancer?  What is the affect of the fear that is being created around cancer statistics?  Are we focusing our energy behind the right things when it comes to the war that was waged against cancer so many years ago? Should there be a 'war' at all?  Anita Moorjani, stage 4 cancer survivor and best-selling author of Dying To Be Me, knows the debilitating role that fear played in her life and her cancer diagnosis.  When I interviewed Anita MoorjaniI I asked her what she would do differently if she were in charge of the World Health Organization (WHO) cancer prevention program worldwide.  Please take a moment to listen to her answer - it may surprise some of you....

Whether you agree with Anita or not, I would like to hear your comments!  What do you think of Anita's approach?  What would you do differently to help decrease the incidence of disease and especially cancer? Click Post a comment below to share your thoughts.

Next time I will talk with another cancer care expert and author of several best selling books, about what he would differently in terms of dealing with the cancer epidemic.

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