Is Cancer a Reflection of a Society Deviating from its Truth?
February 7, 2013
Jackie Roberge

Yesterday I listened to a very thought-provoking interview as part of the Go Forth and Thrive after Cancer Telesummit.  Barbara Musser, spoke with Marianne Williamson; author, spiritual teacher and speaker about the metaphysical aspects of cancer and healing.  Marianne views cancer not only as a disease touching many individuals but also as a reflection of the state of human consciousness as a whole.  She feels that we have become too focused on individual 'rights' and decisions based on economics and not enough on collaboration, living in harmony and looking out for the greater good of all people and that cancer is symptom of this misguided focus.  She makes an interesting parallel between cancer cells as having deviated from their true nature and the idea that the cancer may be signaling a deviation from our own deeper truth (ex. through a job that we are unhappy with, a relationship where we are not being our true self etc.).

It was music to my ears to hear Marianne refer to meditation as Spiritual Medicine that should be as much a part of people's treatment plan as other medicines are.  So she really encourages people to develop a strong spiritual practice that is consistent and right for them.  She is an expert in the Course of Miracles and gives us some insights into how miracles happen and how we can consciously choose love over fear in our lives!  She also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and its role in healing at many levels. 
The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world. Marianne Williamson

Again I encourage you to sign up for the free telesummit and then you can go online and choose from the 20 interviews that are available throughout February. 
Enjoy having your current paradigm challenged by this insightful woman and her unique perspectives!

Until next time, be & love your true self!

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