Ask, Believe, Receive
May 14, 2013
Jackie Roberge

Last time I talked about feeling stuck and how if a pattern keeps appearing, there is definitely something you can learn from it.  If you are able to shift your focus, I believe that you can turn any challenge into a purposeful, learning experience

So once you have identified and taken ownership of the pattern, it is time to start exploring the lesson it holds.  In order to really learn any lesson you need to change your actions.  We sometimes have a tendency to intellectually understand something but if we don’t translate that into changes in our life then we have not eliminated the need for the pattern. 

As a next step, I invite you to set aside some quiet time for reflection. Take some deep breathes and relax into the present moment.  Then start asking open-ended questions - out loud, in your head or on paper.  Allow yourself to be open and curious as to why the pattern is showing up in your life. 

Then wait for an answer or insight – for some kind of guidance.  Some insights come right away, others later on.  The guidance can come in many forms; through books or articles you read, e-mails you receive, discussions with friends or family members, movies etc.  Once you have asked the question to the Universe, you have set the wheels into motion to receive an answer.  Don’t under estimate the famous biblical line; ask and you shall receive or ask, believe and you shall receive.  My version would be; Ask, be open and curious, believe the guidance will come and you shall receive what you need (maybe not the answer you wanted or in the format you expected but you will get guidance)!

Remember to have fun with the questions, don’t take the exercise too seriously or you will close yourself down by getting stressed about it.  Stress and tension limit our ability to receive – guidance, gifts, insights, love etc.  So remain relaxed and inquisitive and let the guidance flow into your life.

Next time I will talk about another approach to learning from your patterns. 

Until then, be your authentic, loving and curious self!


PS. I will be giving my 5Ps to Make Life Enhancing Changes presentation at the Atwater Library on June 6th. at 12:30pm.  I would love to have you attend, so if you are in Montreal and interested mark your calendar!

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