Patterns that Hold us Back
May 3, 2013
Jackie Roberge

The pattern in my life right now is that many of my clients are coming to me with the realization that they are stuck in a pattern.  So I viewed this as a sign that other people might also want to hear about the role of patterns and how to get unstuck!  Patterns may appear as, for example, annoying bosses at several different jobs or like you don't have a voice in many situations.   The key to changing the pattern and moving confidently ahead is to assume responsibility for it thus empowering yourself.  Then you can move to making the necessary internal changes so the pattern becomes redundant.  Let me explain.

If you think about life as a full time school, a place where you learn and grow from your daily experiences, then all people and events, especially the most challenging ones, are your teachers!  If a challenge has appeared in your life, then there is something that you can learn from it.  If the challenge keeps coming back in different forms (i.e. the problem appears in different situations) then there is likely a very important lesson that the universe is hoping to teach you.  So running away from the problem won’t help.  If you really need to learn the lesson then another situation will likely emerge.  Unfortunately, if you don’t learn the easy lesson they get harder, that way the universe really gets your attention and helps you shift into awareness and action!

The first step I recommend if you are stuck somewhere is to simply identify the pattern.  Spell it out as clearly as you can and then take responsibility for it - it is your lesson.  Other people may be involved (like bosses or spouses) and they also have lessons to learn from the situation but you don't have to focus on them, just do your work and you will see how things will shift.  Take ownership with an objective attitude, don't label the pattern as good or bad and don’t blame yourself or others.  So become aware that the pattern exists, acknowledge that it may serve a purpose and if you feel frustrated or discouraged simply be aware of your emotions - again, without judgment.

Next time I will talk more about how you can learn from the patterns.

Until then, be your authentic, loving and powerful self!

PS. I will be giving my 5Ps to Make Life Enhancing Changes presentation at the Atwater Library on June 6th. at 12:30pm.  I would love to have you attend, so if you are interested mark your calendar!


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