Always wanted to meditate? Free online course...
September 30, 2013
Jackie Roberge

I have been meditating for almost 18 years now.  Meditation is the single most influential practice in my life.  As you may have already heard me say, but I think it is worth repeating, meditation initially helped in terms of my immune system and energy level.  I was no longer sick and had more energy.  Over the years it has also given me a greater sense calmness and I feel more grounded.  From this place of greater inner peace, problems and challenges don't seem as overwhelming.  More and more I feel like I can observe situations instead of being caught up in them.  I can also observe my emotions now and I have a greater sense of choosing my emotions vs. being driven by them. 

The book that opened me up to meditation was Deepak Chopra's Perfect Health so I am very excited now to announce that Deepak is offering a free 2-week online meditation course.  The course starts on October 7th and requires a commitment of only 15 minutes per day.  This may be the best commitment you have ever made for your physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. 

Here is a quote from the book Anti-cancer - A new way of life that shows the power of meditation and the impact it had on Bob's life:

"Meditation gives me a mastery of my own mind and body I never had before. It calms me down enough so that I can put things into perspective and see what's happening, not only around me but also inside myself.  It may seem crazy, but to be perfectly honest I must admit I'm grateful to have had cancer, because meditation set me on a different life path.  It transformed the way I live with my family, with the people around me.  It had given me a sense of direction that I did not have before."

If you have been struggling with your meditation practice, want to have a more regular practice or simply want to get some new insights from an seasoned meditator I suggest you sign up now. 

PS if you have any questions about meditation please feel free to comment on my blog

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