An Alternative to Resolutions
January 24, 2014
Jackie Roberge

By now most people agree that resolutions usually fall by the wayside so I am proposing a very different approach. Different in that I am going to invite you to create an intention or desire that is soul-based and not ego-based.  And different because we are going to work from two premises.  The first is that when the student is ready, the teacher (or opportunities) will come and the second is the notion of giving to others what you want to receive. 

Here are the steps that I propose:

  1. Set a soul-based intention
  2. Nurture and prepare yourself to receive
  3. Give what you want to receive
  4. Be open, curious and start receiving!

So let’s start by looking at ego-based intentions.  Anything that is linked to your appearance (ex. dieting) to winning or achieving (getting a degree, making more money), to a fear or to avoiding a negative would be considered ego-based.  

A soul-based intention is something that comes from the heart, from a place of love and not a place of competition, fear or lack.  It is also usually something you feel passionate about. So a heart-based intention may be to share more time with a loved one, to write poetry or to sing, or spend time each day in meditation.  If you have a current ego-based goal, like getting a degree, you may want to explore the deeper meaning behind the goal. Maybe your real intention is to help others with your unique gifts or talents and getting a degree is one way to do that .

I invite you to reflect on and write out a soul-based intention that moves and inspires you. I will be discussing the other points over the next few weeks.  Please feel free to share your intention in the comments section.

Until next time, be your true, unique and wonderful self!


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