Are you spiritual?
October 1, 2014
Jackie Roberge

What does it mean to be spiritual? I have often thought about this question, as I am sure you have too.  I would describe my coaching practice as being spiritually-based so over the next few weeks I would like to share some of the basic spiritual principles that I explore with my coaching clients. 
One of the fundamental premises of spirituality is that we are spiritual ‘beings’ living a human experience and not human beings ‘practicing’ spirituality!  So I believe that we are here on earth to evolve and grow as spiritual beings through our human experiences and emotions like pain, suffering, joy, sadness, anger, love etc.
I like to look at our time on earth as a game – the real game of life.  A game that is better if played from a vantage point of evolving and not ‘winning’

Next time I will share with you my understanding of the somewhat surprising objective of the game, an objective that is not even on the radar of most of the players in the game!
Until then, enjoy the game!

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