What is life really about & why didn't anyone tell me?
November 10, 2014
Jackie Roberge

Last time I talked about the game of life and the surprising deeper reason you are here.  You may think you are here to spread joy, make a meaningful difference in the world or share your gifts.  All these are great things to aspire to but there is something even more fundamental.  Something so meaningful that it supports and facilitates moving towards all you aspire to. 

Here is how I describe your deep reason for being here - to evolve to a higher level of consciousness.  I know it doesn't sound very sexy but as you become more and more conscious or mindful of our thoughts and of everything that is happening around you, you can get off autopilot and start making choices.  It is through these conscious choices that you start to become a co-creator of your life.

As I continue to explore other spiritual concepts (like acceptance, non-judgement and faith), I think the importance of developing a higher level of consciousness will be come more and more obvious.  
In the meantime time I invite you to really pay attention to your emotions this week and see if you can observe and name them, without judging them.  This simple exercise is a great first step towards being more conscious or mindful.

Until next time, enjoy the game and your increased level of mindfulness!


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