Nurturing Yourself & Coaching Specials
February 14, 2014
Jackie Roberge

Do you feel really ready to manifest your intention?

Valentine’s day seems like an appropriate day to talk about loving and nurturing yourself!  On her journey (that I discussed last week) Anita Moorjani was not running around trying to contact publishers or networking for more leads before writing her book.  She took time to be with nature and to quiet her mind.  Time to go within and reflect, time do just be.  In my first post about this process of manifesting I said the steps were based on the premise that when the student is ready the teacher or the circumstances will present themselves

So let’s put this principle to work.  How can you nurture and prepare yourself to receive the guidance and be open to opportunities from the Universe?  Here are some of the things I am going to focus on over the next few weeks in order to be really ready:

I feel that by sticking to this plan for a couple of weeks I will have nourished myself and will be in a better place to receive guidance and move into action!

I invite you to write out a few ideas that you may have about really taking care of yourself. 

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Blessing for a wonderful week full of love and nourishment for the soul!

PS In case you want to review the 4 steps of manifesting here they are:

  1. Set a soul-based intention (that you feel passionate about)
  2. Nurture and prepare yourself to receive
  3. Give what you want to receive
  4. Be open, curious and start receiving!
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