Anita Moorjani's Soul-Based Intention
February 7, 2014
Jackie Roberge

Some of you may know Anita Moorjani’s story of manifesting her soul-based intention. I want to share some of the details as I think it is a great example of how the universe works in surprising and mysterious ways when you go beyond the needs of your ego!

Anita had a near-death experience (NDE) some years ago after suffering through stage 4 cancer for sometime.  Following the NDE she felt that sharing some of what she had learned might be helpful for others. I imagine that if she had written a soul-based intention it may have sounded something like this; to help people be their true selves and realize their natural magnificence. 

Anita felt drawn to share her thoughts through online forums but after awhile she got a bit discouraged due to a few skeptics that were questioning her story. At that point in her life she decided to step back and take some time to reconnect with nature and do more meditation. As her focus shifted to really nurturing herself (Step 2), opportunities started to appear.  For example she was invited to a speaking engagement where she felt a lot of support and encouragement from the audience. 

Some time later a call came from Hayhouse Publishing. They offered to publish her story and said that Wayne Dyer had found out about her and wanted to endorse her book (which is now a best seller!).  She has since toured with Dr. Dyer touching people across the continent with her insights. These are things that are bigger than her ego could have ever ‘planned’ on its own and has allowed for to make a significant impact in so many lives. In her lectures, Anita discusses the drawbacks of setting ego-based goals because they are often limited to what you can imagine, whereas the universe may have something much bigger or very different in mind.

If you have not yet written out your soul-based intention I hope this story helps to spark a passion in your heart. Please don’t be surprised if you follow the steps and end up with an opportunity that you could never have dreamt of! 


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