Giving is the Path to Grace
March 14, 2014
Jackie Roberge

Giving is one of the noblest acts.  The interesting thing is that it is not only helpful for the recipients of the gift but also for the giver.  This week we move on to step 3 of the process of manifesting - Giving what you want to receive.  All acts of kindness come back to us in some way but the focus here is on a specific way of giving that helps you plant powerful karmic seeds.  The key is to give to others what you need to fulfill your intention.  So there is a conscious shift away from trying to accomplish or work towards your intention to a focus on helping others.

I invite you now to review your intention.  As you may remember, my intention is to share ideas in hopes of helping people view and experience disease differently.  So if I think about giving what I want to receive I would want to give people opportunities to share their views and insights about disease.  I may also give people the gift of encouragement and help them feel confident to speak their truth. 

Over the next few weeks this will be my focus.  I already have an amazing friend in South Africa who asked if I could interview him about his naturopathic approach to healing and depression.  A normal reaction, if I was really focused on achieving a goal in a certain amount of time, may have been to say ‘No, I am too busy to interview you now.’  But I have experienced it first hand, the more you give, the more opportunities will come your way

I really hope you will try this amazing practice of giving what you want to receive.  In my case I am going to do interviews with people for the next couple of weeks.  Also, I intent to encourage someone everyday to speak their truth and try to help build their confidence in whatever ways I can. 

What is your intention?  What help or guidance to you need?  Give that to others!

Enjoy the process of giving – just like random acts of kindness they have a wonderful ripple effect throughout the Universe!


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