How are leaky gut, inflammation and depression related?
April 4, 2014
Jackie Roberge

I recently interviewed Ameet Aggarwal an amazing naturopathic doctor who lives in Kenya.  He pursued his studies in Toronto but has returned to his home country to practice naturopathic medicine in rural areas.  His area of expertise is treating depression and anxiety related disorders with a holistic, natural approach. 

Today I asked him to talk to us about what contributes to depression in certain individuals. He explains that depression is a complex condition and its physical causes are highly influenced by our gut and other internal organs, our diet and our emotions.  His answer will give you insights into depression but also hints about healing from disease in general – which he claims is much more effective if emotional healing is part of the process. 

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PS: Ameet has recenty published a book called Feel Good - please check it out or listen to his other videos  on his web site.

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