I want your Feedback!
July 8, 2014
Jackie Roberge

My telesummit interview - Find the Blessing in your Struggle - aired yesterday and is available for download for the next 24hrs.  It is a strange feeling to put your heart into a talk and then not be able to see or hear the reaction of your audience.  So I was very thrilled yesterday to get some feedback from a listener (see below for her comments). 

I am inspired by Wayne Dyer's advice to not die with your music still in you.  So I am starting to speak my message more and more boldly.  I know that my perspective will not resonate with everyone.  Depending on your own life experiences with disease, or struggles in general, you may or may not agree with what I am putting forth.  I am willing to accept this and know I won't please everyone in the audience.  In fact my True Purpose coach, Tim Kelley, would likely say that if I am not getting a strong reaction (whether it be positive or negative) then I am likely not delivering my message with enough courage and conviction! 
So I would be very grateful to have your feedback in terms of my Telesummit interview. You can respond to me by e-mail (jackie@cancershift.com) or click on the Post comment link below.

is the feedback I received yesterday from a cancer survivor who listened to the interview:


Please sign up for the upcoming Telesummit to listen to the interview.  The Telesummit is free and features 28 experts in relationships, parenting, wellness and healing.  Thanks in advance for any comments, questions or feedback (+ or -) that you may have!
Have a wonderful week!

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