This is so cool...
July 8, 2014
Jackie Roberge

You may remember that over the past few months I have been writing about how to fulfill your intentions.  The intention I created was to be able to share ideas in hopes of helping people view and experience disease differently.  My last few posts were about Step 3 - the practice of giving what you want to receive. So I interviewed Dr. Ameet  Aggarwal from Africa and wrote about Dr. Epstein’s interview - sharing some of their great work.  Then out of the blue, while I was on vacation, I received an invitation from Jane Lorenz asking me to speak at her Telesummit entitled From Dysfunction to Fun!!  I could hardly believe it, I was and still am, so excited!  My interview is going to air on July 7th and I will be talking about how to find the blessing in your struggle and of course about how to help people view and experience disease, and challenges in general, in a different light.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to share with others what I am so passionate about but also for the timing of the gift of Jane’s invitation. The invitation to speak moved me to Step 4start receiving.  I hope this will inspire you to really take the time and use the steps (see below) and start (or continue) manifesting your intention


I invite you to sign up for the upcoming Telesummit now – it is free and features 28 experts in relationships, parenting, wellness and healing.  I am confident that you will find some very interesting topics and I hope you will be able to listen to my interview.
Blessings for a wonderful week of manifesting!

PS In case you want to review the 4 steps of manifesting here they are:

  1. Set a soul-based intention (that you feel passionate about)
  2. Nurture and prepare yourself to receive
  3. Give what you want to receive
  4. Be open, curious and start receiving!
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