Is it time to slow down?
September 4, 2014
Jackie Roberge

As the pace picks up around the back to school period my thoughts are on slowing down.  I spent time in Cape Cod this summer and it was a great reminder of what speed my autopilot was set on – too fast!  Living in a big city with lots of traffic and lots of people I have gotten used to a fast pace.  Whereas in Cape Cod people not only stop for pedestrians at cross walks but they go out of their way to let tourists cross no matter where. They also let over cars go ahead when they are stuck in a tough spot somewhere.  It was such a refreshing change of pace that I could not help but reflect on how rushed we are most of the time.
So my theme for this fall is to slow down and take it all in, people, animals, flowers, the sky - clouds are so amazing to watch... 

If the notion of slowing down resonates with you I invite you to think of ways you can integrate it into your day.  For example;

But the most important of all, take time to breath well, really feel your in-breaths and your out-breaths and appreciate each breath for the revitalizing and renewing power it has on your system.  You can also use your breath to help you slow down and relax by extending your out-breaths so that they are longer than your in-breaths for a few minutes each day. I wish you all a slower and more leisurely month of September!


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