Your Ah-ha Moment
January 11, 2015
Jackie Roberge

I can't guarantee it but I think if you participate in my 2105 Challenge you may come up with an ah-ha moment that can really help you make a positive shift in your life.  As I was writing this blog post and working through my own challenge I had my first ah-ha moment.  

First a quick reminder that the 2015 Challenge involves picking one challenge or struggle that you are currently facing and want to overcome. 

My challenge is that it often takes me a long time to fall asleep at night so I end up not getting enough sleep and feeling tired the next day. I find this frustrating and annoying. But...when I step back and look at the situation I have to admit that there are a lot of things that I do everyday that affect my ability to fall asleep quickly. Like when I work or am on the computer late or have tea or dark chocolate later in the day or simply have too much on the go and therefore too much on my mind!  I have also had this challenge for a long time so I have started identifying myself as someone who does not fall asleep quickly. 

Here is where my ah-ha moment comes in.  As I was realizing that I have control over almost everything that helps me fall asleep quickly, a phrase come to mind that I often use in my coaching; busy people make decisions everyday that keep them (overly) busy.  Okay, time to walk my talk! I just have to insert my challenge in the phrase; I make decisions everyday that keep me from being able to fall asleep quickly!  Or tired people make decisions everyday that keep them feeling tired!

So if I am actually creating or orchestrating my own challenge (tell me it is not so), then the question becomes Why am I doing this?  Next time we are going to explore this question together.  In the meantime please do the following exercise or schedule some time to do it over the next week.

  1. My challenge or struggle is:
  2. How does it make me feel?
  3. What role I am playing in the creation or continuation of my challenge or struggle?
  4. Create an affirmation (a statement of what you would like to be true but describe it in the present tense): I fall asleep quickly and easily!
  5. Write your affirmation on a Post-it, put it somewhere you can see it everyday and repeat it several times a day.

Please share your answers and any ah-ha insights you may have with your buddy or with me (see comments section below).


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