Taking it a Step Further
March 18, 2015
Jackie Roberge

Last time I talked about having faith, faith that the world is a loving place and that you are constantly being guided, by your soul and the Universe (or God), towards your life purpose. Now I am inviting you to take that notion a step further.
I am sure you have all heard of people having near death experiences in which they see their life in the form of a review. What if you were to do that for yourself now? What if you could look at your past and present with all the good times, hurdles, challenges and paint a new picture. What if you could drop all labels and judgements around what were 'good' and 'bad' experiences. What if you could see that it was all part of a bigger plan, a grand scheme and that it all made perfect sense. Even at the lowest points it would be clear that whatever you experienced was purposeful in an important way. Well that is exactly what I believe we will all experience upon our death - so why wait?  If you do this exercise with an open mind I believe you will gain some great insights into your life path.Image result for all roads lead to Rome
I have mentioned in the past that you are here for two mains reasons; one is to evolve your level of consciousness (and therefore that of the entire human race) and the second reason is to make your own unique contribution to the world by finding and living your calling or life purpose. So just like the famous expression ‘All roads lead to Rome’, all your experiences are leading you to greater awareness and towards your higher purpose.  Hallelujah!

Article originally appeared on CancerShift (http://cancershift.com/).
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