How do you share your light?
July 4, 2015
Jackie Roberge
I love the question - 'what brings light into your day' and also 'how do you bring light to others'?  Wayne Dyer will be talking about being the light at his event on May 24th.  He will also address some very fundamental questions like 'what is your one true purpose for being here? Beyond the desires of ego? Beyond the expectations of others?'

We often bring light to others by using our natural talents and gifts. It is when we let down our guard and allow our own true nature shine through that we radiate pure love and share our light.

Autopoetic Ideas, the organizers of Dr. Dyer's speaking tour, have created an #‎Iamlight‬ contest. By simply sharing what brings you light you could win tickets to the upcoming event and even a chance to meet Wayne Dyer in person. Here is a 26 second video about what brings the most light to my days.

As I mentioned last week I am able to offer you a special price for this upcoming event.  Please use this link and type in the promotional code - deephealing in order to get your discount.

Keep shining your bright light!

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