A live, furry example of unconditional love!
August 27, 2015
Jackie Roberge

I am currently dog sitting and have not had a dog of my own since I was about 12 years old. Today I was outside painting and decided to let Daisy, the oh so cute Wheaten Terrier, sit out front with me. She sat calming looking at the people passing by and when anyone stopped to pet her she showed her appreciation with a big tail wag and lots of love.  Everyone would smile and, I am convinced, continue on their way feeling a little bit uplifted.

It occurred to me that she was actually giving people a short zoo-therapy session. She was warmly greeting everyone, no matter their size, sex, race or what they were wearing. What a great example of unconditional love and it comes so naturally to her.  Hence my conclusion that it likely comes very naturally to humans too, all we have to do is remember.  Remember to let go of judgements and open our hearts!

I always find that the more love I give in a day the more I get back and the better I feel. So my challenge for you is to ask yourself 'how can I give more love to those around me (including our furry friends) everyday!

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Much love,

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