From Fear to Courage & Confidence!
February 15, 2016
Jackie Roberge

Today I want to talk a bit about WHY people don’t go after what they really want in lifeFear is at the heart of why most people don’t move forward towards their calling, towards what they are really passionate about – often a fear of not being good enough, not making enough money or simply not knowing how to move boldly forward. 
In my coaching I tend to work with highly sensitive, passionate and intuitive women who want to make a meaningful difference in the world but who feel stuck because they are scared to speak up, to put themselves out there, scared that they are not educated enough or strong enough or credible enough. Scared that by speaking their truth, by truly standing up for themselves they will lose or risk too much
These women often put up with behaviour that one could call bullying or a simple lack of respect from others. They put up with it because keeping the peace is so important to them.  But at some point the status quo is no longer tolerable let alone safe or peaceful. They realize that the situation is no longer good for them or others around them. 

Their health may start to be affected, some times in small ways like not being able to sleep well and some times in big ways like a cancer diagnosis.  People may tell them to simply be tough or strong or less sensitive but that is just not in their nature.  I help these women find a way to explore and learn from their fears so they can express themselves, become unstuck and walk courageously down a new path in a way that feels intuitively right for them.  A peaceful yet powerful way of listening to, respecting and expressing their inner knowing - what is true for them. This helps them gain confidence and feel empowered to pursue what they feel passionate about.
If some of what I have said resonates with you, I invite you to reflect on and answer the following questions;


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