Doing What you Love to Do!
May 3, 2016
Jackie Roberge

Just back from a giving a conference with my speaking partner Joyce O’Brien in Moncton, New Brunswick. I have been busy preparing for the conference for a few months so now I want to continue with the Why Café conversations. My talk in Moncton touched on many of the same subjects from the book like finding your life purpose, your journey and what you can learn from the roadblocks  along the way. 
Back at the Why Café John asks Casey what people do when they find out the reason they are here - their purpose. Casey answers with a question, as she does so often. ‘What would you do if you wanted to become an artist in your spare time, what type of art would you create?’ John says he would try all types of things and then pick the type of art that he really enjoyed creating, no matter what that was.  She encouraged him to apply that notion to the situation when people find their life purpose.  
John played back to Casey his understanding of the situation; 'so once people find out their purpose, they explore different ways of fulfilling it and then choose the one(s) they love to do?' As he said this is felt a physical reaction in his body, an excitement, like he had just uncovered a deep truth or insight. 
This is a great lesson in and of itself. Whenever we get a strong physical reaction to something we say, think or hear (like the chills, watery eyes, a wave of energy etc.) we should pay particular attention because something very meaningful has likely been touched on. In those situations, I would invite you to write down the insight because often these truths come and go like the wind. 
Next time we will hear about Casey’s story of the sea turtle that she claims taught her one of her most powerful life lessons!  Until then, stay alert to signs of your purpose by paying attention to the things you love to do and that give you great joy and satisfaction.


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