WHY Not?
May 3, 2016
Jackie Roberge

Mini recap... our main character John got stuck behind an accident and then proceeded to get lost and wound up at the Why Café...
After placing his order, Casey (his waitress) helps John read the question on the menu (why are you here?) from a different perspective and John starts to see its newfound significance.  As John is laughing to himself at the ridiculousness of the situation (he is lost and hungry, in the middle of nowhere and she is asking about his life purpose), Casey continues with the warning that once he truly asks himself the question – why am I here? a chain reaction may be set off.  For example, the question may be on his mind when he wakes up in the morning, it may keep popping up during the day and it may even be with him in his dreams. 
John starts to wonder if he really wants to go down this road.  He shares his thought with Casey and adds that his life is pretty good so why would he want to change things.  Casey gives him another smile and says ‘really?’.  Casey is referring to a situation many of us may feel on a daily basis but we don’t often take the time to really reflect on it.  She is challenging John, is he really happy, fulfilled and energized on a regular basis?  Is he satisfied with the important aspects of his life?  Upon further reflection John admits to having struggled, especially in his recent past, and that he is not that satisfied with things as they currently are.
She asks him – is that why you are really here?  John wants to object but he too is starting to wonder if his little side trip is more than just a weird set of circumstances, maybe it is the answer to his unexpressed desire to make changes in his life.
If you are somewhere you don’t want to be in life I invite you to ask yourself – why is am I in this situation?  What am I meant to learn from it?  What could I change for the better as a result of my struggle? Who is meant to help me on my journey?
Until next week, be on the lookout for weird coincidences that just may be bringing you the insights or answers you have been seeking.

Article originally appeared on CancerShift (http://cancershift.com/).
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