11 Sleep Tips
August 28, 2016
Jackie Roberge

Hi, I was recently invited to contribute to an article on getting a better sleep. There are eleven people who participated in this effort, each with a very different tip on how to fall asleep or stay asleep! Below is my tip - by far the most esoteric! I encourage you to use this link and read the other 10 tips so you can get that all important 7-8 hours sleep (by the way research shows we all need that much sleep to function at our best so don't kid yourself!).

Tip #11: Explore And Uncover What You Are Avoiding Addressing In Your Life

I find that people often either can’t fall asleep or wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep. If this is what you are experiencing, you may want to ask yourself 'what you are hiding from?' A frequent cause of this type of insomnia is an overactive mind that is pre-occupied with something.

When you go to sleep at night everything gets quiet. This gives your sub-conscious mind (or your soul) a chance to be heard, that whisper that says ‘you don’t like your job, why are you staying?’ or ‘you are unhappy in your current relationship, you need to express yourself and get help’. Your soul speaks through silence but your ego can get annoyed with these whispers so it keeps you busy all day and encourages you to stay up late so that you are so tired you almost just drop off to sleep.

Well unfortunately, your soul or inner guidance is tenacious. It really wants what is best for you and it wants to be heard so it will keep trying – for instance through dreams or waking you up in the night with its persistent whispers.

My tip is therefore to start to explore and uncover what you may be avoiding addressing in your life – here are some ideas to get you started:

Bonne nuit!

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