Hemp - not just for breakfast anymore!
September 9, 2016
Jackie Roberge

Today I want to talk to you about one of the most powerful super foods, something you may want to include in your daily diet. Hemp hearts, raw shelled hemp seeds, are unmatched in nature for their balance of proteins, essential fatty acids (the omega's) and most minerals with only traces of carbohydrates, saturated fats and sugar. The main benefits of hemp hearts include helping to:

Studies have shown that they also reduce inflammation and improve circulation, two important factors in the cure and prevention of many diseases, including cancer.

So how much, how and when should you eat hemp seeds? I put a tablespoon in my smoothie every

morning. You can also sprinkle them on yogurt, toast, cereal, add them to soup or salad like you would nuts or other seeds or even on your desserts! They have a nice texture and slightly nutty flavour. I suggest starting with one tablespoon and see how your body reacts. Taking too much may cause loose stool so you want to start slowly and see what the ideal quantity is for you - likely between 1 and 4 tablespoons per day. I would not recommend eating them after dinner or the energy boost they provide may interfere with your sleep.

I hope that you will experience a notable change in your energy level as a result of eating hemp hearts on a daily basis!

Enjoy and until next time live each day with peace, vitality and passion!

PS you can buy hemp hearts in large quantities at Costco or at your local health food store



Article originally appeared on CancerShift (http://cancershift.com/).
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