Hardships are the stepping stones to higher consciousness
August 24, 2017
Jackie Roberge

I was lucky to recently attend a talk by Dr. Eben Alexander. He is the author of the book Proof of Heaven based on a near-death experience (NDE) he had while in a coma for 7 days. I have used his experience in my presentation on Finding Opportunity in Adversity and he confirmed that he sees his coma and the resulting shift in his consciousness as a true gift.

It was not an easy shift though because he was a trained neurosurgeon who believed that when the brain did not work, people had no awareness. During his NDE he heard and saw amazing things and felt unconditional love yet his brain, that was being constantly monitored, registered no activity in the area responsible for sensory perception.

He has now come to believe that science has it wrong, consciousness does exist outside of the brain and that the brain actually limits our awareness in many ways.

Here are some of the other powerful messages that he shared:

Next time I will talk about an amazing sound meditation that we experienced during the session.

Be well and stay open to the stepping stones disguised as struggles on your chosen path!




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