Cancershift Cancer Manifesto
February 5, 2018
Jackie Roberge

  Cancer Manifesto - A spiritual view on the higher purpose of cancer.

This manifesto offers a new perspective, a spiritual way of looking at and helping you heal from cancer. It is an invitation to believe that cancer can change your life for the better - to shift from seeing cancer as a life threatening disease to a potentially life enhancing journey.

If you feel resistance while reading or disagree with any statement, I invite you to simply add the words – What if… before the statement, then ask yourself ‘Do I want to adopt this belief or not? Would it serve me in some way if it were true?’.

Ultimately, your struggle will transform into a blessing when you discover how it has enabled you to contribute or help others in a meaningful way – when you have tapped into the powerful energy, passion and fulfillment that comes with living your purpose.

My message to you:

I am a certain there is a better way to heal from cancer - it involves listening to it, and learning from it. I am passionate about helping empower you to shift how you see and heal from cancer and turn your struggle into a road map for finding your calling, contact me at Please leave any comments, personal experiences or reflections below.


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