An easy way to find your soul-based intention
January 31, 2014
Jackie Roberge

I have decided that I will take you through the 4 steps to manifest your intention, that I outlined in my last blog post, by sharing my own intention.  I wholeheartedly invite you to grab a pen and paper and instead of just reading the posts why not participate? Post your answers in the Comments section below or in your journal.

Step 1 is to set a soul-based intention (click here to review the other steps), based on something you feel passionate about.  Sometimes it is easier though to start with a goal or ego-based desire and work backwards.  One my desires is to do a TED Talk.  If you don’t know about TED talks please check it out – it is the sharing of ideas that are usually a bit out of the box in a forum that encourages people to make really impactful short speeches. If I stop and reflect on why I want to do a TED Talk I would say; to share some ideas in hopes of helping people view disease, and specifically cancer, in a new light.  That is, in essence, my soul-based intention; I want to help people view and therefore experience disease differently. 

So where are you at?  Do you already have a soul-based intention in mind?  Or do you want to start with an ego-based goal like I outlined and then dig deeper to find the real substance? 

One of the fun parts about having a soul-based intention is that the universe may have a very different path in mind.  I may think that a TED Talk should be my focus and then maybe I should write a book and the list goes on.  But in reality, fulfilling my intention may look very different than I currently imagine it.  That is what the 4th step in my process is all about - being curious and open to other options that will allow me to share my message and help in the way I hope to. 

If you don’t have time to write out your intention now then please take a moment to schedule some quiet time for reflection and get it done.  

I am looking forward to our next step together!

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