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One client talks about finding the higher purpose of her cancer:

When reflecting on the higher purpose of my cancer ... I think back at how I was on the path of unhappiness before the cancer, how I neglected myself, ignoring, not listening or respecting myself.
I had forgotten who I was. I was seeing everyone else but me. Hence, I was losing myself.

Cancer, in many ways, opened my eyes to Me !! It brought countless Blessings into my life, wonderful people & lots of other things that I would have never taken the time to see or do before. It has been a journey back to myself, to my being, my truth, and mostly to Love. Loving and accepting myself for who I am today.This is the most precious gift I can offer to me and to others.

I was fortunate to have been guided through this journey as I was not equipped with a map. It made things simpler, clearer and easy to accept. My advice to people who are thinking of working with Jackie to find the Higher Purpose of their Cancer would be - If this path (coaching sessions) feels right, then follow your heart. I needed tools and I needed help thoughout my journey and I am so so grateful for all the people who have crossed my path.


Clients talk about shifts they experienced after taking Jackie's Deep Healing course:  

- regaining hope, everything is possible and I have all the tools to improve my life and 'shift' to a better self

- dealing with my fears and feeling more at ease with them.  I have much less fear, almost none!

- accepting my condition and having confidence in my body

- learning how to care for my body and enjoying every moment, living better

- focusing on the present and not worrying about tomorrow

- living in the present and meeting my own needs

- changing my way of thinking to more positive