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Living Fear-Free Course

Are you ready to make some changes and move courageously forward in your life?  Fears can hold you back from speaking your truth, meeting your own health needs, finding fulfillment in relationships and/or in your work. You may be tired of not being able to express your own needs for fear of other people's reactions.  Or you may feel nervous, like you always need to make sure you are doing the 'right things' to prevent a second cancer, yet the fear lingers.

If you are you ready to stop feeling scared and move to a place of greater confidence and inner peace, please join me for a 4-week journey that will help you;

  • Learn a 5-step process to overcome and gain insights from your deepest fears with real-life coaching examples.
  • Explore the real reasons you are experiencing your fears thus gaining new insights into who you are and why you generate fear
  • Understand how and why fears are created and how to stop creating them!
  • Explore how FEAR, Feelings & Emotions that Alter our Reality, can be empowering
  • Discover the difference between productively and destructively overcoming fears
  • Learn tools that you can continue to use to stay on the path of health & fulfillment
  • Learn the importance of mindfulness, including a guided mindfulness meditation MP3 file you can use daily
  • Integrate 3 key elements into your daily life to making fear-free living possible

I want so much for you to feel the confidence that comes from productively overcoming fears and moving towards what you truly desire in life.  You are not meant to live in fear, just as you create fears, you can also shift to creating more joy, flow, fulfillment and grace in your life!

Course Testimonial:

When I started the course, I was so very nervous and anxious about the return of cancer that I wasn’t really “in the moment” at all.  I am now much less anxious and more empowered to step out of that role and be more active with my life.  I also hear that voice in my head now telling me that the Universe is supporting me in all things.  This experience came along at exactly the right time…and I am very appreciative! 

I learned that it is possible to change engrained thought patterns, and that makes me quite optimistic. 

                                                                        A. Rosing, Living Fear-Free Course participant

I have listened to every one of your audios at least three times and have learned a lot from them. I have ceased thinking of cancer as a fight and instead now view it as a journey. I guess you could call that a "cancer shift"!

                                                                        J. Pence, virtual Living Fear-Free course participant

Course details:

Course date: You will be e-mailed the 4 course recordings (1.5hrs. per session), plus a Living Fear Free 1 hour teleseminar. The course has been set up to be listened to over 4-weeks but you can really go at your own pace. You will also receive handouts and your weekly homework assignment.

Location: Your computer or MP3 player! The files can be downloaded and listened to at your convenience.

Price: $299 (a value of $750 if done thru one-on-one coaching)

Please click below to register now and start experiencing the benefits of living in flow - with less stress, increased energy and more confidence!  You will receive your links to the class recordings within 24 hours.

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