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What is your deepest fear and how is it holding you back from experiencing greater happiness and healing?  Whatever your fear is, it likely holds a profound truth about you.  Exploring this truth can open you up to greater learning and transformation.  Just the act of identifying your fears is helpful as you will start to learn more about yourself and your path. Fears provide insights that can be very liberating and often hold the key to deeper healing and greater fulfillment.

Please join me for a free teleseminar: Living Fear-Free. During the call I will be sharing with you: 

  • Why your greatest fears hold the key to moving forward with grace and confidence 
  • How and why you create fears 
  • The impact your fears have on your physiology
  • A simple process that immediately decreases the power of your fears
  • How you can stop creating fears
  • How my fears stopped me from experiencing fulfillment
  • How I overcame my greatest fear



Please e-mail me at to receive a recording of this free teleseminar. If you enjoy the call, please sign up for the virtual course.


I look forward to sharing insights about fears from my own experience and helping you gain insights that will transform your healing journey.

Until then, be your true self - it is the best gift that you can offer to the world.