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Creating a Joyful & Transformative Spiritual Practice

Do you have a deep knowing that a spiritual practice would enhance your personal and work life in so many ways? Yet you find it difficult, if not impossible, to develop and stick to a meaningful, joyful and transformative daily spiritual practice?  Another excuse is that you don't have time for a daily practice.  You are not alone.  So many of our clients have been coming to us with these issues and this has prompted my fellow coach and spiritual buddy Galen Heistand and I to develop this 4-week Spiritual Practices tele-course (see below for our profiles).

We will help you not only develop a practice but also give you new insights, new ways of turning daily challenges into spiritual breakthroughs leveraging 3 key elements of a spiritual practice. We will also be sharing with you tools so you can continue to enhance and refine your practice over the years, in some cases without any extra time commitment.  We will be sharing with you the secrets to help you commit, keep your commitments and create a truly joyful and nurturing practice.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Paradigm shift: How one powerful paradigm shift can change your perspective on life’s challenges and heighten your level of awareness
  • The Essentials: Three key foundational elements and our 4 must-have spiritual practices
  • Guidance: To develop a knowing of when you are being guided by your soul vs. your ego
  • Proven Techniques: How to ensure consistency of your daily practice
  • Mind set: Why discipline alone is not enough to stick to a spiritual practice

Course Details:

  • One introductory call (1hr.) 
  • Course calls: 3 sessions of 1.5hrs., followed by a Q & A call of 1hr.
  • The course can now be purchased and listened to at your convenience through recorded calls and e-mail follow ups.

Jackie's Profile:

Jackie is a meditation teacher (and has her own meditation site, a certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Bliss Research and Training Institute) and a Certified True Purpose Coach. She has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) and yoga daily for over 17 years. She has also pursued studies in TM, Belief Closet, Parts Work, Ayurvedic Medicine, Creative Meditation and Visualization, Reiki as well as Spiritual Psychotherapy and Psycho-oncology. She has developed a speciality practice coaching cancer patients.

Galen's Profile:

  Galen is a spiritual advisor, minister, organizational consultant, and professional coach.  He is known for helping clients get ‘unstuck’ and effectively back “on-track”.  He draws from more than 600 hours of professional coaching and specialized assessment training. He holds two post-graduate degrees and is currently in a doctoral program developing ways to use spiritual practices in transforming individuals and groups. He is ordained by the EFCA and certified by the Coaches Training Institute, Dream Coach University, and APT International. He has served clients throughout North America, in the Caribbean, and in Asia.