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Health is the free flow of energy through the body and can be achieved through an ever evolving mind, body, spirit balance or equilibrium.

Your body has incredible untapped potential to heal, that potential lies in a place of peace, deep inside you. It is always there, always accessible. Silence unlocks the body's innate capacity to heal and helps you move towards greater inner peace, guidance and well-being.

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I recently wrote a chapter in a book called Power to Change.  It includes my chapter - 5 P's to Making Life Enhancing Changes as well as chapters from 18 other experts in various modalities of creating change. 

In addition to outlining how to facilitate change, I answer the question - 'why do people often wait until they have a life-threatening diagnosis, like cancer, to make life-enhancing changes?'. The 5 P's are: Pain, Power, Permission, Passion and Purpose.  Please use this link to listen to my interview:


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Steps to Enlightened Living

For the past few weeks I have been talking about one powerful, life-changing belief.  Once again, the belief is that your soul and the Universe (or God, Buddha, Mohamed, Source) are always working together to bring you what you need to live a more purposeful, abundant, joyful and fulfilling life – in short, leading you to your purpose.  Sometimes that includes facing very difficult situations. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer claims that a fall or a low point in his life preceded all his big spiritual advances.  In fact his life has been full of challenges from being abandoned as a child, to alcoholism and cancer.  All these circumstances, and what he was able to learn and how he evolved as a result of them, have made him one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. 

Here is a quote from The Course in Miracles that helps support my life-changing belief:

“What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present, and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?”

So how can you shift to that place of enlightened living I talked about last time?  Having that knowing right away (and not just in retrospect) that no matter what comes your way it serves a higher purpose in terms of your growth and development. 

I invite you to use the following steps when you face your next challenging situation. 

1) Identify and name the struggle. 

2) Accept it completely, without judgment or resistance.

3) Develop a sense of curiosity and openness to learn from it.

4) Expect guidance and be ready to act on it. 

Next time I will talk a bit more about each of the steps.

Until next time, be and love your true and wonderful self!


PS: I am now part of the Naturopathic Association of Quebec and so my one-on-one cancer healing and life purpose coaching sessions are now covered through insurance if you are covered for Naturopathic services (often 50% - 80%, up to a certain maximum per year).

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Reader Comments (1)

I totally agree sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take two steps forward. It is in the bad times that i have found that i grow the most.

December 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAl Eddy

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