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Health is the free flow of energy through the body and can be achieved through an ever evolving mind, body, spirit balance or equilibrium.

Your body has incredible untapped potential to heal, that potential lies in a place of peace, deep inside you. It is always there, always accessible. Silence unlocks the body's innate capacity to heal and helps you move towards greater inner peace, guidance and well-being.

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Power to Change Interview

I recently wrote a chapter in a book called Power to Change.  It includes my chapter - 5 P's to Making Life Enhancing Changes as well as chapters from 18 other experts in various modalities of creating change. 

In addition to outlining how to facilitate change, I answer the question - 'why do people often wait until they have a life-threatening diagnosis, like cancer, to make life-enhancing changes?'. The 5 P's are: Pain, Power, Permission, Passion and Purpose.  Please use this link to listen to my interview:


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Cancershift Cancer Manifesto

  Cancer Manifesto - A spiritual view on the higher purpose of cancer.

This manifesto offers a new perspective, a spiritual way of looking at and helping you heal from cancer. It is an invitation to believe that cancer can change your life for the better - to shift from seeing cancer as a life threatening disease to a potentially life enhancing journey.

If you feel resistance while reading or disagree with any statement, I invite you to simply add the words – What if… before the statement, then ask yourself ‘Do I want to adopt this belief or not? Would it serve me in some way if it were true?’.

  •  Cancer Always Serves a Higher Purpose - Cancer is not a random occurrence. It is in your life at this time to signal a need for greater harmony or alignment in your body or your life.
  •  Your Body Knows – Tune into It - You make not understand the deeper meaning of your cancer now but your body does – tune in, listen and learn from it. It will give you signs and hints as to what you need to explore, release, forgive or focus on to experience healing.
  •  Fears hold Answers - Hiding from your fears is counter productive. When you lean into and explore them you will find deep insights into what needs your attention.
  •  Stress holds you Back - Stress and resistance block the flow of energy and make messages from your body and your higher self more difficult to tune into whereas acceptance creates flow.
  •  Acceptance & Curiosity lead to Guidance - Fully accepting your situation and becoming curious about why the cancer has appeared is the fastest path to getting answers and experiencing deeper levels of healing.
  •  Being Alert Speeds up the Journey - Answers, insights and ideas often come when you least expect them - stay open, mindful and alert so you are ready when the teacher/guidance appears.
  •  A Spiritual Approach brings Deeper Healing - Having faith that you are constantly being guided towards greater levels of peace, joy and love will change your journey. Faith transmutes the struggle into a portal for greater consciousness, learning and love.
  • Meditation is a Catalyst for Clarity & Healing - When your mind is quiet and your body is still the wisdom of your soul can be heard and you can tap into your body’s innate healing power.
  •  Cancer can Lead to your Calling - Your soul and your body guide you towards your purpose. Cancer is also guidance or a wake up call that can help you get on your purpose path and courageously pursue your calling.
  •  Passion Uplifts & Promotes Healing - Doing what you love and are passionate about gives you newfound energy, conveys messages of hope and healing and boosts your immune response.

Ultimately, your struggle will transform into a blessing when you discover how it has enabled you to contribute or help others in a meaningful way – when you have tapped into the powerful energy, passion and fulfillment that comes with living your purpose.

My message to you:

I am a certain there is a better way to heal from cancer - it involves listening to it, and learning from it. I am passionate about helping empower you to shift how you see and heal from cancer and turn your struggle into a road map for finding your calling, contact me at Please leave any comments, personal experiences or reflections below.


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