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Health is the free flow of energy through the body and can be achieved through an ever evolving mind, body, spirit balance or equilibrium.

Your body has incredible untapped potential to heal, that potential lies in a place of peace, deep inside you. It is always there, always accessible. Silence unlocks the body's innate capacity to heal and helps you move towards greater inner peace, guidance and well-being.

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Accept the Unexpected

Let me take that thought one step further. Explore and celebrate the unexpected. The unexpected twist on my manifestation journey was when I woke up last Saturday morning and tried to get up. I could not lift my head. I had a pinched nerve on the left side of my neck. I was very stiff and sore.

So I canceled my ski day and instead spent some time in the lodge reading quietly and sipping my tea. The next day it felt a bit better so I exercised cautiously and then indulged in a hot bath. Monday I went to see my chiropractor and Tuesday I had a massage and another hot bath.  Both evenings I went to bed around 10pm and so I have been getting some extra rest. 

Upon further reflection I think this little unexpected injury was a sign from the Universe (and my body) and the message was pretty clear – slow down and pamper myself!

Part of my life purpose is to help people find the blessing in the darkness of their struggle.  So I invite you today to reflect on what you have been doing to nurture yourself and celebrate your progress.  Additionally, look at what you think did not go well for you, what challenges or hurdles you faced and ask yourself – what did they teach meWhat was I encouraged to do as a result of the set back and you just might find that, as in my case, the experience you most needed may have come your way!

I know it seems strange to think about being grateful for a pinched nerve so I won’t go that far but I am grateful for the lesson and the opportunity to slow down and smell the Tiger Balm!  I invite you to review and update your plan to really care for yourself and keep an eye out for the unexpected blessings or teachings along the way.

Until next week, continue to nurture yourself and to practice acceptance of whatever challenges come your way.



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